FarmaKeio Custom Compounding is a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in custom-made medications that are tailored to fit individual patient needs. FarmaKeio’s products support various health goals, including energy, through the use of high-quality ingredients and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

natural and safe ingredients

FarmaKeio understands the importance of energy in daily life and has developed a range of products that support healthy energy levels. The company’s energy products are carefully formulated using natural and safe ingredients that are sourced from reliable suppliers. FarmaKeio’s products are also free from harmful chemicals and fillers, ensuring that patients receive the purest and most potent supplements available.

committed Safety and quality

Safety is a top priority for FarmaKeio, and the company follows strict quality control measures to ensure the safety of their products. All of FarmaKeio’s products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet or exceed industry standards. FarmaKeio is dedicated to delivering products that are safe, effective, and reliable, which is why the company only uses the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes.

FarmaKeio’s commitment to quality is reflected in the purity and potency of their products. The company uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure that each product is formulated to deliver maximum efficacy. FarmaKeio’s energy products are designed to provide long-lasting, sustained energy without the use of harmful stimulants or other synthetic ingredients.

B-Complex supplement

One of FarmaKeio’s most popular energy products is their B-Complex supplement. The B-Complex is a powerful blend of B vitamins, including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12, which work together to support healthy energy levels. B vitamins are essential for converting food into energy and are necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system. FarmaKeio’s B-Complex supplement is designed to deliver the optimal dosage of each B vitamin, ensuring that patients receive the maximum benefits.

CoQ10 supplement

Another popular energy product offered by FarmaKeio is their CoQ10 supplement. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring enzyme that is essential for the production of energy in cells. FarmaKeio’s CoQ10 supplement is formulated to provide the highest quality CoQ10 available, ensuring that patients receive the most potent and effective supplement possible. The supplement is also designed for optimal absorption, ensuring that the body can utilize the CoQ10 to produce energy.

trusted provider of custom-made medications

FarmaKeio's dedication to safety, quality, purity, and potency sets the company apart in the pharmaceutical industry. The company's commitment to delivering high-quality products has earned them a reputation as a trusted provider of custom-made medications. FarmaKeio's energy products are no exception and are designed to provide patients with safe, effective, and reliable supplements that support healthy energy levels.


FarmaKeio Custom Compounding offers a range of energy products that are designed to support healthy energy levels. The company’s commitment to safety, quality, purity, and potency ensures that patients receive the highest quality supplements available. FarmaKeio’s B-Complex and CoQ10 supplements are just a few examples of the company’s dedication to delivering effective and reliable products that support optimal health. Whether you are looking to boost your energy levels or support other health goals, FarmaKeio has a range of custom-made medications to fit your individual needs.

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