For the best in customized prescription medication, trust the art and science of professional compounding to the experts at FarmaKeio.


For the best in customized prescription medication, trust the art and science of professional compounding to the experts at FarmaKeio.

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FarmaKeio is a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy located in Richardson, Texas, offering physicians and patients the preparation of both sterile and non-sterile prescriptions. We specialize in working with Functional Medicine practitioners who are focused on finding the root problem of a patient’s particular health condition.

FarmaKeio Superior Custom Compounding Pharmacy for Medications to Improve Sex Life
FarmaKeio Superior Custom Compounding Pharmacy for Sleep Support with compounded Melatonin

Hormone Optimization

Fluctuations in hormone levels may be linked to developing certain medical conditions and may adversely affect the patient’s sense of well-being. Click the button to see our options for Men and Women now.

Sexual Health

Both men and women can benefit from a natural, effective treatment for sexual health. Patients may receive a boost in blood flow, increased libido, improved stamina, reduced vaginal dryness and discomfort.

Sleep & Mood

Sleep is not only essential for mental wellbeing, but it is also crucial for physical regeneration. The body repairs damaged cells, tissues and nerves during the sleep cycle.

FarmaKeio Superior Custom Compounding Pharmacy for Weight Loss Medications that Work
FarmaKeio Superior Custom Compounding Pharmacy for Hormone Therapy

Weight Management

Our State of the art weight loss prescriptions can boost metabolisms, enhance energy levels, burn fat and speed weight loss. Click below to see our weight loss options.

Healthy Aging

Our health-enhancing prescriptions can add energy, life and vitality to a patient as the years go by. Click the button below to see our Healthy Aging Options.

Pain Management

Our pain relieving creams offer a reprieve from the dull aches or the throbbing, shooting pains that can mean a return to a more active, healthy lifestyle. Click the button below to see our Pain Management options.

A Patient Centric Approach to Pharmaceuticals

The standardized approach for prescription medications works for large pharmaceutical manufacturers; it doesn’t always fit the unique healthcare needs of patients. We compound specific to your patient’s needs.


Each person is unique, and prescription medications should reflect that fact.

Whether you are allergic to a component, you need a prescribed pill in a different form, we can tailor your medication to your specifications to help you get what you need to meet your wellness goals. Contact us to discuss your personalized medication needs.


You know what your patients need and what works best for them.

Let us compound your personalized formulas to address the needs you frequently encounter. Contact us to learn how we can provide the customized prescriptions your practice needs.

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Why FarmaKeio?

Our expert team of compounding pharmacists and technicians use advanced technology and adhere to stringent and comprehensive standards to ensure our products meet the quality you expect and deserve. Supported with this advanced technology and a complete inventory of chemicals and formulas, FarmaKeio can compound practically any medication. From topical creams and lozenges to injections and IV bags prepared in our clean room, your prescriptions will be prepared by an experienced team of compounding pharmacists and technicians ensuring complete patient satisfaction.

We prepare your prescriptions in our state-of-the-art pharmacy that includes an independently certified clean room, laminar airflow hoods, and a commitment to the strict requirements of Chapters <795> and <797> of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia for compounding non-sterile and sterile preparations. This commitment is confirmed in our achievement of PCAB (Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board) accreditation which requires an extensive on-site survey by the third-party accrediting organization, ACHC.

If we don’t already have it in our formulary of our thousands of compounded prescriptions, our pharmacists will formulate medications that are customized for the unique needs of prescribers and their patients. The efficacy of our preparations are second to none.

Patient safety is and has always been the Company’s primary concern. Superior products produce superior patient outcomes.

FarmaKeio is a compounding pharmacy industry leader. Pharmacists serve as Corporate Quality Director, Corporate Quality Manager, and as divisional Clinical Quality Managers. This oversight program allows the company to meet and / or exceed all USP <797> sterile compounding and USP <795> non-sterile compounding standards. In addition to the USP compounding standards, FarmaKeio performs both internal and external audits to validate the efficacy of ALL of our preparations.